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Common Window Issues Explained Part 1 - Low E-Coating Glass Failure

  • What is Low E-Coating Glass Failure?

Low-emissivity glass, known as E-glass, uses a special coating technique requiring a thin metallic oxide layer between the panes to reduce energy loss. Although beneficial, Low-E Windows do have problems that arise such as this coating failure, seen here. This can appear as rainbow, purple, or gold streaks/lines in between the two glass panes.

  • Can Low-E Coating Glass Failure be Cleaned?

Unfortunately, this will not come off during Eddie's Home Improvement's window cleaning process as it is between the two panes of glass.

  • Eddie's Home Improvement's Recommendation:

Typically, these situations result in the window needing to be replaced. Contact your window manufacturer or window installer to see if there is warranty on the windows.

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