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Common Window Issues Explained Part 2 - Hard Water Stains/Calcium Buildup on Windows & Shower Glass

  • What is it?

As seen here on a glass shower door, there are white chalky drips. This is known as hard water stains, typically caused from sprinklers without a water softener hitting the windows. This causes a buildup of calcium that leaves a sometimes drippy, chalky residue. It can also be seen on shower glass doors if the home has hard water.

  • Can this be cleaned?

Yes, Eddie's Home Improvement's team does have the ability to clean hard water stains from the windows and also showers. Because it is a difficult cleaning process that requires special tools, we charge a higher rate to remove these spots/stains.

  • Our recommendation:

Make sure your sprinkler system is not hitting your house and windows. Maintaining your water softener is a key component for keeping hard water to a minimum. Filtering the water for the sprinklers is also an option, although costly.

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