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tile and grout services and estimates!

We have a reputation for outstanding service and our tile and grout cleaning services do not fall short. 


We believe in safe practices for our team and for your family. We utilize the best organic chemistry in the professional market, which is safe for breathing, safe for appliances, safe for your family and pets.


Tile and grout cleaning is an important step in the maintenance of your flooring. 


Why? We're glad you asked! Grout is porous which means it’s absorbent. This means that dirt/ debris can get deep into the grout, causing a homeowner not to be able to restore the look of their tile and grout. This is where we come in with our 5-star tile and grout cleaning.


We specialize in deep cleaning tile and grout with our leading equipment, and our customers love it. 


“I love that I can trust you guys to always show up with the right gear to get it done” -Tile cleaning customer


Hard water deposits can build up in showers and bathrooms. We successfully remove calcium and rust from the tile and grout. We highly recommend tile and grout sealing due to the porous nature of the materials. If you seal the dirt and minerals out of the tile and grout, then the maintenance will be cheaper and the debris won't be able to get inside to stain your investment. We've extensively worked with professionals from all over the world to figure out what sealers and products work best for our customers and our awesome reputation. We’ve completed the hard work, all you have to do is call us!

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